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Sleep Training Duluth, MN Clermont, FL



Exhausted because your baby won't sleep at night?  I love teaching babies how to sleep!  Sometimes it's as simple as changing one thing and other times it requires a more in-depth look and adjustment of baby's routine.  I teach parents how to use helpful techniques to give their babies a positive environment where everyone in the family gets their rest, resulting in more productive days.  Gentle sleep-shaping plans are available for babies under 4 months old and older babies can typically be sleep-trained within three to five nights when following the plan for your baby. 


Some common problems I address are

  • Falling and staying asleep

  • Night wakings

  • Early wake ups

  • Short naps


Plans include- (excludes Mini Plan)

  • Your free 15 minute discovery call - We will talk about your baby, and what's been going on.  This helps give me a preliminary idea of what we will need to modify. It also allows me to answer your questions about what you can expect when sleep training your baby and learn what type of training you are looking for. 

  • After our initial conversation, you will receive an in-depth sleep questionnaire which will help me understand your baby's behavioral habits and typical daily routines, as well as what we need to change to help you achieve your goals.  After receiving your questionnaire and chosen package, I will create a personalized plan that fits the needs of your baby and you.  This "fix it" plan will include how to adjust your daytime and nighttime routine to handle naps, feedings, and establish new and healthier sleep routines.  You'll also will have my guided support and advice along the way.

Mini Plan  $100  

With this plan, we speak by phone or Skype for up to one hour about your baby.  Together we talk about what sort of schedule you want your baby to have and what you've already tried. I'll give you some helpful tips to get you on the right track.

My In-Person Support  $40hr

Let me sleep train your baby myself.  I recommend 3- 4 consecutive nights for me to get your baby on track to more restful sleep. If you feel it's necessary or simply want more help, we can add additional nights.

  • 8 hour minimum per night

Great Start Plan  $345

  • Sleep questionnaire

  • In home, phone or Skype consultation lasting up to 2 hours

  • Customized sleep plan for

        "sleep shaping" (0-3 month) or

        "sleep training" (3+ months) ​

  • Unlimited text and email support for 2 weeks after receiving your sleep plan to coach and guide you through it.

I Don't Want to do it Myself Plan  $745

  • Sleep questionnaire

  • Customized sleep plan

  • One night of my in-person sleep shaping or sleep training to get you started on your new routine  (8pm-6am)

  • Unlimited text and email support for (2) weeks

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