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Postpartum & newborn services can be customized for your family's needs, easing the transition of adjusting to life with your new baby.  I assess and care for each baby as an individual. I believe there is no "one size fits all" approach, whether you're interested in age-appropriate sleep conditioning, sleep training, or simply to rest knowing your baby is safe and expertly cared for.

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Overnight Care

If nighttime help is all you need, this is the right choice for you.  You will be sleeping while I care for your baby. After arriving at your home in the evening, I care for your baby until I leave at 6am.  This allows you to rest, recover and recharge.  

If you are breastfeeding, you can choose whether you would like baby brought to you when he is ready to eat.  After the first few days or weeks, parents often prefer baby be fed a bottle of pumped milk or formula so they can rest uninterrupted. You will always have my trained support to help you breastfeed successfully if you choose to do so. 

Before I leave in the morning, you will receive a full assessment of your baby's nighttime behaviors and habits.  I am available to answer your questions throughout the day. 

*9 hour minimum

No minimum of nights per week.

Rates are based on your location.

Father and Son
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Some parents appreciate the reassurance of having an expert nearby to help and answer questions.  24-Hour Care* is a great choice for families who want that support in those days or weeks after baby's birth.  Many parents choose this option before transitioning to overnight care. I'll be there for you in the early days as your support system, caring for your baby so you can rest anytime you feel the need.  With this schedule, I am available to help you with many of your baby related tasks, including

  • Nursery set-up and creating a safe space for your baby to sleep

  • Baby laundry

  • Cleaning and sterilizing bottle and pump parts

  • Bathing baby

  • Circumcision & umbilical cord care

  • Breastfeeding and/or formula support

  • Sleep shaping for your baby

  • Newborn education and support

*24-Hour Care includes 20 hours of care with a 4 hour break of uninterrupted rest.


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