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  Lactation Counseling 

As a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC),

I assist new moms with breastfeeding support and guidance.  Are you having concerns about your baby's latch or having discomfort while you nurse?  Do you need help with positioning or pumping?  I can assist you in the privacy of your own home.  I will advise you in finding the most comfortable and effective positioning and techniques for you and your baby.

Contact me today to schedule your basic or advanced consultation.

Mother Breastfeeding Baby
Basic Consultation   $80

Up to (1) hour

  • Weighed feeding

  • Latch assessment

  • Basic troubleshooting

 Up to (2) hours

  • Weighed feeding

  • Latch assessment

  • Advanced troubleshooting

Advanced Consultation   $150
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