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Infant Massage

Are you a new or expecting parent in the greater Orlando area and want to learn infant massage?  Does your baby have gas and you've heard massage can help? Have you wondered what is the correct way to massage your baby?  

Infant massage is a beautiful way for parents to bond with their children.  It reduces stress in both of you, and can help your baby's circulatory and intestinal systems.  It can also help your baby sleep better!

As an infant massage teacher, personally trained by the owner and director of the Liddle Kidz Foundation, Tina Allen, I offer instruction to parents on how to massage their babies.  I currentIy offer group classes as well as private in home instruction. 

Group classes are $85 for a series of (3) classes, once a week for (3) weeks and are approximately (1) hour long. Each baby is required to have a parent or caregiver with them.  

One-on-one sessions in your home are also available. 

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